Arnoldo Carillo

Arnoldo Carrillo

Arnoldo Carrillo has been tattooing since the 1980s, translating his gift for fine art drawing on canvas, unto unique tattoo art on skin.  In 1992, he opened Shades of Gray Dermagraphics in Austin, Texas.

Rather than working from templates,  Arnoldo's art springs from a collaboration between the artist and the client. His gentle, positive, nature creates an environment for the client and artist to share in the tattoo creation.

The requests for specific tattoo designs are as varied as his clients. He may be asked to create accurate photographic facial images, 2000 year old native Mayan glyph designs, native american primal designs, photographic realism of people, beautiful objects in nature, comic strip characters, or images from his imagination...

Client's requests are thoughtfully considered with discussion continuing throughout the process, with the intention of fulfilling the request to the client's ultimate satisfaction.

 2001 East Austin Stories Interview by the UT Art Department.