Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I expect?

Tattoos begin with a consultation.

How do I prepare for the tattoo session?

  • Be well rested.
  • Eat a good meal.
  • Make sure you’re very well hydrated
  • Shave any hairy area that will be tattooed. The area shaved should be a few inches larger than the tattoo.  Make sure not to nick yourself.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Make sure the area to be tattooed is easily accessible.
  • No alcoholic drinks before a session.
  • You can bring ear pods to listen to music on your phone.
  • Come in a relaxed state of mind.

How do I take care of my tattoo?

For Film Dressing:

Step 1:   24 hours after the tattoo work is done, carefully remove the film dressing. The easiest way I have found is to peel back an upper corner, then get under a very gentle warm shower to peel off the film.

Step 2:  Wash tattoo with tepid-to-warm water and very mild soap, (Ivory, Dove Sensitive Skin, Dr. Bonner’s).

Step 3:  Blot dry with a clean white paper towel.

Step 4:  Let air dry for 5 minutes, maintaining cleanliness.

Step 5:   Apply second film dressing, which stays on for up to a week.

Step 6:   Approximately a week later, remove the second film.

Step 7:  Wash tattoo with tepid-to-warm water and very mild soap. Blot dry with a clean white paper towel. Then let it air dry for a minute or two.

Step 8:  Apply a thin coat of good quality, fragrance-free lotion (Curel,  Lubriderm, Eucerine, Cetaphil, CeraVe, Neutrogena), four or five times a day.  If it feels dry, you can apply more often, just not thick layers.  The tattoo needs to breathe.

Repeat Step 7 & 8  for a couple of weeks.

If you have any questions contact me at 512 736-7480.

For Conventional Dressing:

  1.  Leave tattoo bandaged for about 5 hours.
  2.  The following day gently wash the tattoo with hand, using very mild fragrance-free soap, no wash rag.
  3.  Gently pat dry with clean white paper towel then let air dry a couple of minutes. 
  4.   With a clean finger apply a very thin film of a high-quality fragrance-free lotion about 5 times per day.
  5.  Continue with a very gentle daily wash and application of fragrance-free lotion for about 3 weeks. 
  6.  It is extremely important to use nothing more than tepid-to-warm water, very mild fragrance-free soap and lotion.
  7.  Do not expose to pressurized water, sun, hot water, chlorinated water, bath, steam, sauna, jacuzzi, or swimming pool for at least 3 weeks.
  8. Recommended soaps: Ivory, Dove Sensitive Skin, Dr. Bonner’s.
  9. Recommended fragance-free lotions: Curel,  Lubriderm, Eucerine, Cetaphil, CeraVe, Neutrogena.
  10. It is very important that all fabric in contact with tattooing be very soft and breathable.
  11. If you have any questions contact me at 512 736-7480.

DOS and DON’TS  for the first 3 and 1/2 weeks…

DO keep showers relatively short, using tepid-to-warm water and mild soap.

DO wear soft, breathable clothing, while the tattoo is healing.

DO keep out of direct sunlight.

DON’T use clothes that rub or chaff tattoo.

DON’T pick, scratch, or peel healing tattoo.

DON’T let pressurized water hit tattoo.

DON’T let shampoo or scented soaps run over the tattoo.

DON’T place tattoo under water (hot tub, sauna, jacuzzi, swimming pool, etc.).

Long Term Tattoo Maintenance…

Use a good sunblock to keep the tattoo looking it’s best.

If you have any questions contact me at 512 736-7480.