Yelp Reviews

Sally A.
Austin, TX

"When I see the beautiful tattoos that Arnoldo Carrillo has given my body ... and how beautiful he has made my body ... I cannot help but feel so very happy and grateful. Arnoldo is a tattoo master and what has become my tattoo body art is one of his amazing masterpieces.

The looks on people's faces when they see my tattoos are amazing and beautiful, too. They stop me to say, "Oh my God, I can't believe how gorgeous your tattoos are ... they are so special and unique, such a great work of art." I have even heard, "You know, I usually hate tattoos, but your tattoos are so different. They are so classy and elegant, a REAL work of art." I carry the elements of a masterpiece that elicit a range of deep feelings from everyone who sees them.

Arnoldo's tattoos transcend your typical "in style" great tattoo. He takes his art very seriously - how it fits and moves with one's body - how the light hits it - how everything affects it. The size and placement of my own tattoos are so perfect for my body's size and movement. They have even turned what I considered my body flaws into something beautiful. No wonder people stop in awe to admire and absorb them. My tattoo art becomes a wonderful moment in their day.

If you're looking for the best - someone who takes you and your tattoo art seriously - someone who takes every aspect (health, cleanliness, instructions, quality ...) of his tattoo service seriously - you will be so happy with Arnoldo Carrillo and Shades of Gray. His master tattoo art is a totally great experience that will give to you the best tattoo - a tattoo that is becoming to you with the art you that you deserve - the art that you are ...."